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The Star - Peace Dragon Tales (Ages 3-6 Years)

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Author: Linda Ragsdale
Illustrator: Mirko Filippi

"A brilliant story that encourages readers to shine bright even after a dull day.

One evening, after crawling into bed, a downcast little girl named Benni notices something shimmering outside of her window. The shimmering object comes closer and closer until Benni is face-to-face with a brilliant star that has fallen right out of the sky! Through her encounter with the star, Benni learns the power of self-love and self-confidence and wakes up the next morning feeling as bright as the star she spotted in the sky.

The Star is the latest addition to the Peace Dragon Tales collection written by Linda Ragsdale. Each book in the series is an extension of the Peace Dragon mission which aims to teach children the power of words, the importance of acceptance, and the enormous benefit of seeing and accepting the world with an open heart. The series is perfect for campaigns that aim to reduce racism, bullying, and prejudice, and turn children toward unity, kindness, and acceptance."

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