Styles in 2T-6 for your sweet girl!
Sizes 2T to 8 for handsome lads.
Fashionable attire sizes 6-12
Soft and cozy outfits for the new baby.
Shop Christmas
Perfect styles for holiday events
Wake up in PJs for entire family
Complete the outfit
Ornaments and more

Free monogramming and custom designs add a personal touch.

Customer Love

What a fabulous store!

What a fabulous store! They have everything you could every want for the precious child in your life. Friendliest shop in town, customer service is Five Star, free monogramming. Why shop anywhere else? I’m a happy grandmother to have The Purple Butterfly so close by!
- ABBY -

Highly recommend!

Beautiful store full of baby and kids clothes, accessories and toys. They will embroider anything for you and the customer service is amazing. I love going in just for a chat. Highly recommend this wonderful store, I promise you won’t leave empty handed and you will love whatever you buy.
Top the perfect outfit with a bow or band!
Accessorize with hats & sunhats.
Be ready when weather turns cooler
Sassy jewelry and nail polish!

Up until March 22, 2017, butterflies had very little meaning and purple wasn’t my favorite color. On that day, my dad passed away in hospice care. A purple butterfly was placed on his door to indicate to the staff and visitors a patient had gone on to a new life.

My husband, Neil, and I have embraced a new life, too, with the opening of The Purple Butterfly, a children’s boutique in downtown Franklin, TN. We both had successful careers: Neil from founding The Wall Street Journal Online to most recently as the executive editor of the Courier- Journal in Louisville. As for me, I was a successful sales executive working with financial institutions...