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Drip the Raindrop - Picture Book (Ages 5-8 Years)

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Author: Cara Moyers
Illustrator: Charlie Atrella

"Drip the Raindrop is always nonstop! Come along with Drip as he journeys through the water cycle. Readers will love the adorable art and beautiful imagery that teaches them how water travels and changes as it goes through the water cycle. Beginning as a puddle on the ground to being evaporated into a cloud, each step of Drip's journey is illustrated to help readers understand the process.

Featuring a beautiful arlin paper cover with foil text enhancements and educational back matter including a glossary and fully illustrated water cycle, this book introduces a new understanding of how water moves and changes and helps develop an understanding of one of our planet's most constant cycles.

In partnership with Trees for the Future (TREES), each book sold plants a tree."

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