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Demolition Dudes - Finn's Fun Trucks (Ages 4-7 Years)

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Author: Finn Coyle
Illustrator: Srimalie Bassini

"The demolition dudes introduce the machines that help each of them do their job. Children will discover a surprising assortment of machines used to help knock things down and clean them up, including: a wrecking ball, concrete crusher, bulldozer, backhoe loader, and dump truck. As children are asked if they know what each vehicle does, the answer is revealed under a sturdy full-page flap.

About the Finn’s Fun Trucks series: Written by 12-year-old truck enthusiast Finn Coyle, the Finn’s Fun Trucks series provides a vocabulary-rich introduction to transportation for truck-loving children with the help of a diverse range of vehicle operators and community helpers. Each spread has a full page lift-the-flap feature providing a wealth of learning and discovery in each book."

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