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Big, Beautiful Buildings and Where to Find Them (Ages 7-10 Years)

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Do You Know About?

Author: Hannah Lippard
Illustrator: Flowerpot Press

"Discover some big, beautiful buildings and learn about how and why they were built in this in-depth title. Incorporating architecture and geography elements, this cross-subject book will take readers on a trip around the globe to discover unique and interesting facts about the presented buildings. Buildings include castles and palaces, houses, ancient temples, tombs, theaters, museums, libraries, schools, hotels, towers, skyscrapers, and so much more!

About the Do You Know About series: The Do You Know About series is a nonfiction educational series that covers a variety of disciplines including science, technology, history, and more. Each book uses informative text, bright photographs, and clear diagrams to discuss and explain the topic at hand. A special “Do You Know About…” feature is included throughout the text offering interesting facts and defining key words. Additional back matter includes a glossary of key terms and an index, resulting in a well-rounded reading experience that introduces young readers to the concept of research and encourages them to study and explore further."

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